Bulk Pick-Up & Clean-Up*

Got Extra Trash?

Cleaning a Basement?

Cleaning a Garage?

Moving Out? Moving In?


Call the Junk Hauling Experts here at Loren’s Sanitation & Recycling Service and SAVE CASH today!

We remove anything: garbage, old furniture, tires, appliances, yard waste, construction debris. We’ll get it done FOR YOU!

Bulk Pick-Up

You got it? We’ll get it! If you have items that will not fit in your garbage cart, such as mattresses, old furniture, lawn mowers etc., or items that are too heavy to move and dispose of by yourself, just give us a call at 503.393.2262 to arrange for a pick up. We pick up anything and dispose of it at a DEQ approved facility.


Call us first for removal of unwanted items from your garages, basements, back yard, you name it and we’ll haul it away to be disposed of or recycled.

Call today for a FREE ESTIMATE 503.393.2262.

* For locations in our service area only.

For more information, call our office or visit our contact page.