Mixed Organics/Food Waste

You may put the following items in your green yard debris cart:

  • Grass, plant debris, brush, leaves and pine needles.
  • Christmas trees cut to fit in the cart.
  • Food waste: fruits, vegetables, meat, bones, shell fish, cheese, egg shells, bread.
  • Coffee filters and grounds, tea bags.
  • Napkins, paper towels and pizza boxes.

There is no additional charge for this service.  It is included in you residential service package along with a garbage cart and a mixed recycling cart.  Place your mixed organics/yard cart out weekly. The pickup schedule for mixed recycling is every other week.

Helpful tips in recycling food waste:

  • Freeze food waste in a baggie in the freezer or keep it in a sealed container under your sink until pick up day.
  • Do not place food waste directly in the bottom of the mixed organics cart – layer it with yard debris. If your cart has no yard waste in it, mix food waste with shredded paper (not newspaper).


For more information, contact our office at 503.393.2262 or visit our contact page.