Residential Recycling

Residential service packages include a 95 gallon blue commingle recycle cart which is picked up every other week on your garbage service day. We provide you with a color-coded calendar to help keep track of the proper weeks.

See Recycle Schedule

Red Basket

The red basket goes out the same day as the blue recycling cart. The following items may be placed in the red basket.

  • Glass jars and bottles
  • Used paint
  • Used cooking oil
  • Motor oil
  • Dry cell batteries placed inside a ziplock bag

Commingle Recycling

Place prepared commingle recyclables into the blue recycling cart. If you are not currently a garbage collection customer you may still take advantage of curbside recycling service for a small monthly fee.


Click the button to the right to view the curbside mixed recycling guide for information on what items can be placed in your blue recycling cart. No need to sort or separate!

English Recycling Guide


Spanish Recycling Guide

For more information please contact our office at 503.393.2262